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Factsheet Novamedia

Novamedia was set up in 1983 as a marketing agency for charity organisations.

Originator and founder

Novamedia is the originator and founder of the Dutch Nationale Postcode Loterij, which was launched in 1989 to raise money for charity organisations that work to create a fairer greener world.

Charity lotteries

Novamedia's mission is to set up and operate Charity Lotteries all over the world to raise funds for charities and increase awareness for their work.

Holding Nationale Goede Doelen Loterijen N.V.

In 1998 Novamedia began running the Sponsor Bingo Lottery (named VriendenLoterij from January 5th 2011) and in 2002 it took over as the director of the BankGiro Loterij. All three of its charity lotteries in the Netherlands are part of the Holding Nationale Goede Doelen Loterijen N.V. holding company.

Postcode lotteries abroad

In 2005 the success of the Postcode Lottery in the Netherlands prompted Novamedia to launch two Postcode Lotteries abroad – the Svenska PostkodLotteriet in Sweden and The People’s Postcode Lottery in Great Britain. In 2016 the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie launched throughout Germany. These postcode lotteries are based on the format of the Dutch Nationale Postcode Loterij.


Novamedia’s charity lotteries are actively supported by ‘ambassadors’ who include world leaders and top athletes such as Bill Clinton, Rafael Nadal, Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson, Ruud Gullit and Katarina Witt.

Twenty to fifty percent to charity

In the 26 years since they were launched Novamedia’s charity lotteries have donated over 7.2 billion euros to more than 321 charities that work to support people, the environment, development cooperation, sport and health care, culture and welfare. In Great Britain a minimum of 30% of the stakes go to charity and good causes, in Germany the lottery awards 30% from every ticket sold to good causes, in Sweden 31% and in the Netherlands 50%. The Dutch Nationale Postcode Loterij is the largest charity lottery in the Netherlands. Novamedia’s charity lotteries raised over 613 million euros for charity with the tickets sold in 2015 which makes them the worlds 3rd largest private charity donor in the world.

Charity lotteries we


The People's Postcode Lottery (UK)
Deutsche Postcode Lotterie (Germany)