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Eci was founded in 1967 as a book club, which purpose was to encourage reading in the Netherlands. It was restarted by Novamedia in 2014. Eci’s mission is to encourage the reading of books, fuelled by the conviction that reading books makes people more empathic, creative and intelligent. As such, a population who reads, aids to make the world a better place. Since its relaunch, eci has moved away from the traditional subscription model. Its approximately 70 book-loving employees have transformed eci into an online bookshop, focussing on providing personalised book advice and inspiration, and where loyal customers are rewarded with a 20% discount. 

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The eci Literature Prize for the best literary work in the Dutch language published in the past year has gone to Rivieren by Martin Michael Driessen. As well as a prize of €50,000, Driessen was also presented with the award statue and the Readers’ Award of €10,000.