What unites and inspires us are our core values:

corevaluesCourageous, Fun, Sharing and Sustainable.

Our core values are extremely important in our daily business. They drive the decisions we make, how we behave, how we communicate, and ultimately how we are perceived. Using our core values in your daily thinking and actions will generate creativity and entrepreneurship in you and your department. And it will bond us across departments and countries. Only if you can live these values can you be a true member of the Postcode Lottery family.



Courageous big

We have the courage to act outside established frameworks and come up with solutions others haven’t yet thought of or tried. We put our weight behind charities and NGOs that show that same courage.


fun big

Obviously the players enjoy the games and win great prizes, but we enjoy our jobs as well. Through the charitable organisations, we can make a meaningful contribution to society by supporting both people and the planet.



Sharing big

Our winners share the prizes with their neighbours. The charities we support always ‘win’ by sharing in the lotteries’ net contributions and, in turn, sharing them with their own beneficiaries. Internally, we share our knowledge and skills with each other. In everything we do, we try to benefit the planet that we all share together.


Sustainable big

We strive for sustainability in everything we do, from our personal actions to the way we do our jobs.