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The partners of the BankGiro Lottery (BankGiro Loterij) work in the field of culture and the preservation of cultural heritage. It’s the leading culture lottery in the Netherlands, providing long-term support for 67 top institutions. At least 40% of every lottery ticket sold goes to these partners, amounting to over 84.3 million euros in 2019.


Every player receives a VIP-Card for free entrance at all museums supported by the lottery. On top of that, the lottery offers discounts up to 50% for theatre, film, musicals and festivals.

2002- 2019: 1.1 billion euros for Culture

The licence of the BankGiro Lottery stipulates that at least  40% of the lottery’s revenue will be donated to charity i.e. institutions working on culture and the preservation of cultural heritage. Players can, if they wish, choose which cultural institution they want to support.

The ticket number is based on the player’s bank account number.

 logos 05 751,099 players Revenue €168.7 million
966,287 tickets To charities €84.3 million
1,765,498 prizes 2002-2019: €1.1 billion for Culture
67 partners  


The BankGiro Lottery has a strong team of ambassadors who spread the word about the importance of the lottery and the work of its beneficiaries.

Leontine BorsatoLeontine Borsato
TV presenter

“The BankGiro Lottery wants to bring culture closer to the public - from museums to musicals and from windmills to concerts. I think it’s great that I can contribute to this as an ambassador and I’m very pleased that I can surprise so many people with such a lot of money every month.”

Robert ten BrinkRobert ten Brink
TV presenter

“I regularly visit a museum or theatre. It just makes life a bit nicer. The BankGiro Lottery wants as many Dutch people as possible to celebrate culture and I’m more than ready to support that idea. And, of course, it’s absolutely great that I can also make players happy with big money prizes on “BankGiro Lottery: The Big Picture”!”

Chantal JanzenChantal Janzen
TV presenter, musical star and actress

“I’m really happy to be an ambassador. As well as supporting culture in the Netherlands, the BankGiro Lottery also organises a lot of activities to bring people in touch with culture in an accessible way, like the BankGiro Lottery Theatre Weekend. I’m looking forward to making an active contribution to this.”


Ilse DeLangeIlse DeLange

“As an artist, I think that preserving culture is so important. When I was a child, I regularly went to museums and always found them impressive. That’s why I’m so happy to tell people about the BankGiro Lottery. And I hope to make people even more enthusiastic about culture by performing in unusual cultural venues, such as museums.”

Albert VerlindeAlbert Verlinde
musical and theatre producer

“Culture runs through my veins; it makes my heart beat faster. Because art and culture are increasingly subject to  economic cutbacks, I’m glad to help make the BankGiro Lottery and its cultural partners even better known!”

BGL Opbrengstenposter 2019 jpgThe BankGiro Lottery provides long-term institutional support to partners working in the field of culture and the preservation of cultural heritage in the Netherlands. Since 2002, the BankGiro Lottery has contributed more than €1 billion to cultural organisations.

67 cultural partners received 84.3 million euros in 2019


Annual contribution to charities:  72.9 million euros
Extra projects: 6 million euros
One-off awards: 5.4 million euros


pdfAllocations 2019 - BankGiro Lottery (PDF)

The Dutch Postcode Lottery, the FriendsLottery and the BankGiro Lottery are part of the Holding Nationale Goede Doelen Loterijen N.V. The Supervisory Board of the Holding supervises the management of the holding company and entrusts to it the day-to-day running of the Dutch Charity Lotteries.

Bio’s Managing Directors of the BankGiro Lottery

Daan Peters, Dorine Manson and Lennaert Kuijpers are the Managing Directors of the BankGiro Lottery.


The partners of the BankGiro Lottery work in the field of culture and the preservation of cultural heritage. The BankGiro Lottery is the leading culture lottery in the Netherlands, providing long-term support for top institutions. At least 40% of every lottery ticket sold goes to these partners. The long-term partners receive an annual contribution from the lottery for a period of five years. The contribution is intended for the purchase, restoration and presentation of permanent collections and for the purchase and restoration of monuments.


The Lottery wants to provide players and consumers with clear information so that they make an informed decision to play in our lotteries. The lottery also prevents participation by minors, and commits to responsible marketing activities and compliance with advertising codes.


Lottery licences in the Netherlands are granted by the Minister of Justice. The Ministry of Justice and the Dutch Gaming Control Board supervise the national gaming licences and compliance with the Act on Games of Chance. The Board also advises the Minister regarding changes in the rules and regulations, licence and licensees’ rules for participants and monitors the activities of all national legal gaming organisations in the Netherlands for this purpose.

The external auditing of the work of the Dutch Charity Lotteries is carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Netherlands Metrology Institute (NMI) and notary J.P. van Harseler. Accountants from PricewaterhouseCoopers audit the figures and its computer experts check the data processing of the members’ accounting records. The Netherlands Metrology Institute audits the processes regarding the fairness of the lottery. The notary Mr J.P. van Harseler of Amsterdam carries out the draw of the Dutch Charity Lotteries.