The FriendsLottery (VriendenLoterij) gives an extra bit of support to thousands of people with an illness, disability and social initiatives that can provide people with a day free from care, finance promising research or make a valuable contribution to society in another way.


Beethovenstraat 200
1077 JZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel 0031 - 88 - 020 1020

Mobile number

At VriendenLoterij your ticket number is your mobile number supplemented with two letters (for example: 06-12345678-AA).





Results & key success factors

1998 – 2019: 969.1 million euros for health and welfare

FriendsLottery players can make their own choice which organisation they want to support. For each lottery ticket sold, at least 40% of the ticket price goes to the chosen organisation. About 3,200 clubs and associations take part in this, ranging from small associations with only a couple of tickets, to very big ones.


Figures for 2019 VriendenLoterij

649,625 players Revenue €123.7 million
811,515 tickets To charities €61.8 million
1,230,775 prizes 1998-2019: €969.1 million to charities
55 charities and 3,266 clubs and associations




Allocations 2019 - VriendenLoterij (PDF)

€ 61.8 

donated in 2019


VriendenLoterij ambassadors

The FriendsLottery has a strong team of ambassadors who spread the word about the importance of the lottery and he good work of its beneficiaries.