VriendenLoterij (FriendsLottery) supports the preservation of cultural heritage and the well-being of people in the Netherlands: organisations that make life more beautiful.


Beethovenstraat 200
1077 JZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 573 75 07

Lottery format


The ticket number is based on the player’s bank account number: the 5 digits of an account number, plus two 2 letters.




All players receive a personal VIP CARD. They can visit over 125 museums for free and receive up to 50% discount on musicals, animal parks and movies.



Results & key success factors

1998 – 2020: 1 billion euros for health and welfare (VriendenLoterij)
1998 – 2020: 1.2 billion euros for culture (BankGiro Loterij)

For each lottery ticket sold, a minimum of 40% of the stakes go to charities and social organisations working on culture and the preservation of cultural heritage and welfare. Players can choose which charity or good cause they want to support. Besides  (inter)national social organisations, players can also support local clubs or associations. 

From August 2021, VriendenLoterij and BankGiro Loterij continued under the name of VriendenLoterij.

Figures for 2020 VriendenLoterij

580,846 players Revenue € 124.5 million
732,876 tickets To charities € 56 million
1,855,718 prizes 1998-2020: € 1 billion to charities
62 charities and 3,259 clubs and associations  


Allocations 2020 - VriendenLoterij (PDF)

€ 56 

donated in 2020

Figures for 2020 BankGiro Loterij

790,000 players Revenue € 185.5 million
1,021,673 tickets To partners € 83.5 million
2,794,543 prizes 2002-2020: € 1.2 billion to partners
57 partners  


Allocations 2020 - BankGiro Loterij (PDF)

€ 83.5 million

donated in 2020

From August 2021, VriendenLoterij and BankGiro Loterij continued under the name of VriendenLoterij.

Charities & partners

Thanks to the players, VriendenLoterij supports organisations, clubs and associations, committed to culture and well-being in the Netherlands.

A minimum of 40% of every lottery ticket sold goes directly to our funded charities and good causes.

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VriendenLoterij ambassadors

VriendenLoterij has a strong team of well-known and socially and culturally engaged ambassadors. They represent the lottery and help increase awareness of the important work of its beneficiaries.



Managing directors

Dorine Manson and Daan Peters manage the day-to-day business of Nationale Postcode Loterij and VriendenLoterij.

Dorine Manson (MD)
Daan Peters (MD)